Savannah Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Do you like gracious wild cats and feel sorry about the impossibility to have one as your pet? Then you will be happy to discover that your dream can come true if you see Savannah which is the most beautiful cat. This cat has a very interesting history because its parents are real wild Servals living on the African continent. But you shouldn't worry that it has the same wild temperament as its parents.

Savannah Cats are very friendly and sociable. If you treat them with respect, then you will be respected in response. They like playing with children and can even make friends with your dog! They are very smart and can be easily trained. Most of them like to walk on a leash, which is unusual for the domestic cats. Savannah cats are usually very fond of participating in all family activities. In comparison with ordinary domestic cat this breed might live a bit longer - for 17-20 years.

How Much Does a Savannah Cat Cost and Price Range

The first generation of the Savannah breed cats was obtained from the serval and a domestic cat and now it has an index of F1. This generation of half-serval is the most expensive of the breed. The following generation (F5) was obtained by crossing the Savannah cats with cats of similar species.

The larger the index of the generation is, the more they look like ordinary cats, not servals and their value is reduced. The price depends on the generation and sometimes sex. If you want to buy Savannah from the F1 generation it will cost you about $10000-12000. The F5 generation is much cheaper- starting from $1.500.

Savannah Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

This breed can really impress you with its large size and slender elongated body. You can see cats of 15 kg with the height of about 60 cm. Their head is small and wedge-shaped. The neck is long. The ears are large, broad near the base and sharpened at the tips.

They have very beautiful eyes of almond shape which can be yellow, copper, green, or having some other shades. Some women can be really envious of the long legs these cats have. They have short, dense and soft fur of the "leopard" color with brown and black spots.

The rest of the wool has a silver, gold, chocolate, brown or cinnamon tabby color.

Savannah Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

If you have decided to buy Savannah cat, you can find this information useful: all of Savannah cats are very active despite the generation. Most of all they like games that simulate hunting. The main thing is that they can run and jump. Obviously such tastes were transferred from wild relatives - Servals.

This breed can't be called aggressive but even during the game they can scratch or injure a person. Therefore, it is unwise to leave them alone with a small child or children.