Chausie Cat Temperament and Lifespan

This is a rare breed of cats. Even in America, the breeders of Chausie can be counted on the fingers. The reason is that the crossing of this breed is allowed only with the common shorthair cats and Abyssinian breed.

Cat took over from wild ancestors, toned and muscular body, strong legs, and sizes - they twice exceed the length of normal cats. The main feature of Chausie is the first impression which makes the pet. Graceful body, predatory eyes, good character, desire to rub his feet on the host, and barely audible purr - will not leave anyone indifferent. Chausie is striking with its sociability, surrounding the owner with tenderness and attention. The lifespan of the cat is about 14 years.

How Much Does a Chausie Cat Cost and Price Range

Chausie breed is considered to be a rare one. That's why you can guess it has such a price about $1000. The average price starts from $500. You should buy Chausie from the trustworthy breeder not to have any health problems.

Chausie Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Nature has endowed this cat savagery. In addition, special attention should be paid to this cat color that looks perfectly on a thick and dense fur: solid black, silver ticked and ticked tabby. The head is small in size, it has the angular cheekbones and a strong chin.

The body is strong, without noticeable roundness. The tabs are located at the top of the head, sometimes have a brush. It is considered to be a large cat as its weight can vary from 6 to 11.5 kilos. From wild habits Chausie can not escape - the cat would be happy to overcome obstacles, and a favorite spot in the room may be cabinets and shelves near the ceiling. The cat should feel at ease. It is recommended to go for a walk with it often as the active lifestyle is the key element of this pet.

Chausie Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Breeding of Chausie is very time-consuming. Since individuals are born as desirable and normal kittens. Not all males have the ability to reproduce. That is why this breed is in the list of rare breeds of cats.

The program on the interbreeding was launched abroad in the late sixties of the last century. Until that time, this kind of cats lived quietly in Egypt and did not cause any interest from local residents. The Europeans, after having determined that these cats combine wild and domestic temper, took them to America. And soon it was found that the ancestor of Ceausu was the lynx.