American Curl Cat Temperament and Lifespan

American Curl is a breed of cats that is different from others with the ears which are wrapped outside. Such ears with cuffs give them eternal joy and a bit different look. Features of breeding and care of the American Curl are also defined by their unique structure of the ears.

Cats of the American Curl can boast not only with an unusual form of the ears, but also with other qualities, thanks to which they have become wonderful pets. These cats are very gentle, not too demanding, like when they are stroked and held in your arms. But this does not mean that they are not active or lazy, even on the contrary - they remain playful and curious kittens the whole life which lasts about 15 years or more.

American Curl requires a lot of love and attention from a person. Also, this cat breed makes friends with children easily, as well as with other cats and even dogs, if they are friendly. Breed American Curl has very melodious voice, but uses it rarely.

How Much Does an American Curl Cat Cost and Price Range

American Curl breed is rather expensive among other breeds of cats. The average price for the kitten is about $800-$1200. The show quality cat can cost even more about $1500. You should check if the breeder you are going to buy your cat from is a trustworthy person who can provide you with the documents proving the pedigree of the kitten.

American Curl Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Cats of the breed American Curl have average size and weight of 2.5-5 kg. They reach maturity at 2-3 years.

American Curl kitten is born with straight ears. They begin to curl during the first two months (usually 3-5 days needed) and they can be considered to be formed to 4 months. Adult cat of an American Curl may have straight ears, but it is considered a deviation from the standard. Participation in exhibitions and competitions is possible only if your cat has these main features of the breed differences. Cats of an American Curl can be completely different color: tortie, tabby, bicolor, colourpoint.

American Curl Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Looking at the cat, just do not dare to say something about the grumpy character. Curl is a peculiar mix of devotion and curiosity, playfulness and tenderness, which is the ideal complement to the good health, and some mysterious simplicity. Perhaps, this cat has only one drawback - it is its price. Since the very beginning it was seen as an aristocrat cat.

The study of the genetics of the American Curl has shown that this species have not inherited any special defects and dispositions to diseases. The only mutation that occurred to them is the twisted ears.